For holders of diplomatic and official passports: No visas required for visits of up to 30 days, within period of one year.
For holders of ordinary passports and other travel documents: Visas required.

Citizens of the Republic of Burundi, who have not been granted temporary residence or permanent residence in the Republic of Serbia, and/or who have not previously been issued a D visa (long-term visa), when entering the Republic of Serbia, in addition to meeting the general entry requirements, are also required to provide the following documents: 


  • a certified (notarized) letter of invitation from the person whom the foreigner is visiting in the Republic of Serbia, or proof of a paid reservation of a hotel or other accommodation facility in the Republic of Serbia;
  • proof of possession of sufficient funds to sustain themselves for the period of the planned stay in the Republic of Serbia. Sufficient funds are considered to be 50 euros per day of stay, proved by possession of the specified amount of cash or a bank statement;
  • proof of paid health insurance in the Republic of Serbia, - possession of a health insurance policy for the period of stay in the Republic of Serbia, covering possible medical costs to the amount of not less than 20,000 euros, and
  • proof of a paid return flight ticket, with a fixed date of return to the country of origin or previous entry.