For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa is not required.

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa is not required for stays of up to 90 days.


Visa is required for the holder of an emergency travel document in transit.



Citizens of the Republic of Serbia may enter the United Arab Emirates. A negative result of the PCR test is required, taken 48 hours or less before scheduled departure (for all emirates except Abu Dhabi). Double testing (PCR test), before travel and upon arrival in the United Arab Emirates is no longer mandatory for United Arab Emirates residents, tourists and transit tourists coming from about 60 countries, including the Republic of Serbia. They have the opportunity to be tested in Serbia (test taken 48 hours or less before scheduled departure) or after landing at Dubai airport. The test results from the airport are obtained within one to two days on a mobile phone. In the emirate of Dubai, self-isolation is mandatory until the airport test results are obtained. Compliance with the self-isolation measure is monitored via a mobile phone (mandatory installation of ALHOSN application). 
A PCR test, taken 72 hours or less before scheduled departure, is required to enter Abu Dhabi. Passengers from countries that are on the green list and have a negative test result do not have a quarantine obligation. For travellers from other countries, quarantine for 10 days and wearing a GPS bracelet is mandatory. Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, additional PCR testing is performed at the airport. For those who stay in Abu Dhabi for more than 6 consecutive days, a PCR test on the sixth day and another on the twelfth day is mandatory. The list of countries on the Green List can be found at the following website:
The specificity of the United Arab Emirates is that there is a checkpoint between the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai that cannot be crossed without a negative PCR or DPI test. Also, all non-residents and residents of the United Arab Emirates, who come to the United Arab Emirates via Dubai Airport and continue by land to Abu Dhabi, will receive a bracelet at the checkpoint and will have to go in a mandatory self-isolation for 10 days. More information about the Abu Dhabi entry regime can be found on the website:



The Republic of Serbia and the United Arab Emirates have signed an agreement on a visa-free regime. The visa-free regime also applies to holders of national passports of both countries, who have the right to enter, exit, transit through and stay in the territory of the United Arab Emirates for up to 90 days. Exceeding this deadline is punishable with a fine.

For the purpose of tourist travel, the remaining period of passport validity must be at least 6 months.

Cash amounts over 100,000 dirhams, being brought into or taken out of the country, must be declared to the customs authorities.



No social security agreement has been concluded.



HEALTH SITUATION — The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention has introduced new rules for importing medicines and medical devices for personal use in the United Arab Emirates. For the intake of narcotics, psychotropic substances and controlled drugs according to country’s criteria, it is necessary to obtain the prior approval of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention. Detailed instructions are available on the Ministry’s website: Use this link to request the Ministry’s approval and to submit supporting documents (prescription, medical certificate and a copy of the travel document or Emirati ID card). 

Although health insurance is not a condition for obtaining a visa, it is desirable to have it, so that the costs of any medical treatment can be paid later.

The UAE get their water by desalinating the sea water, but they also have natural water sources. Although the water is bacteriologically safe, travellers are advised to drink bottled water, and use tap water for showering and other needs.

All hotels have their own medical service.

SECURITY SITUATION — The security situation is stable. The United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is very low.

TRANSPORT — The international airports to which Serbian citizens fly the most are in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There is no railway line.

The road network is exceptional. All parts of the UAE are connected by motorways. Traffic in the cities operates at the highest world standards.

Travellers holding a UAE tourist visa may rent a car from rent-a-car companies with an international driving permit issued in the Republic of Serbia.

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia with a regulated temporary or permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates may exchange their national (Serbian) driver's licence for an Emirati driver's licence, without having to re-take the driving test.

All types of traffic violations are sanctioned, the same as in all other countries.

OTHER INFORMATION — The local currency is the dirham (AED). Its value against hard currencies varies depending on the situation on the international market.

Payment cards (Visa Electron and MasterCard) issued by Serbian banks can be used to purchase goods and pay for services as well as withdraw cash from ATMs. In all cases, transaction fees will apply.

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country, and both men and women should dress accordingly.

Alcohol may only be consumed in places with the permit to serve it.


Contact information:

For consular assistance and protection while in the United Arab Emirates, please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Abu Dhabi, at the following number: 00 971 24 47 64 44, or e-mails:,