For holders of diplomatic and official passports:

Visa required

For holders of national passports and other travel documents:

Visa required



Citizens of the Republic of Serbia, without a residence permit in Qatar, may enter Qatar with a previously obtained permit through , where an “Acknowledgment Form” must also be filled in. A negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) issued by accredited health centers in the Republic of Serbia is also required.
All passengers must have the "Echteraz" application installed, which can also be activated via a SIM card issued by mobile operators in Serbia.
A new test is performed upon arrival at the airport "Hamad" or within 36 hours after landing at one of the health centers.  A one-week hotel quarantine follows for those who have not been vaccinated. Visitors who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognized by Qatar, will undergo a two-day quarantine at the hotel . Hotel reservations are made through "Discover Qatar”.
Citizens of the Republic of Serbia with a residence permit in Qatar are exempt from quarantine measures if they have a certificate of vaccination with one of vaccines approved in Qatar.
Qatar recognizes following vaccines: "Pfizer", "Astra Zeneca", "Modern" (minimum 14 days must pass from second dose) and "Johnson Johnson" (minimum 14 days from receiving single dose), while "Sinofarm", "Sinovac" and "Sputnik V" are recognized conditionally, i.e. antibody testing must be performed before the trip. The valid immunization period is 12 months.
A certificate of recovery is accepted only if Covid 19 infection had taken place in Qatar.
Transit through Hamad Airport is allowed, though it is recommended to have a negative PCR test even if you only transit through the airport.
It is recommended, prior to the planned trip, to check the current information on entry conditions via website of the Ministry of Health of Qatar .



Citizens of the Republic of Serbia need a visa to enter the State of Qatar. A passport must be valid for minimum 6 months, which applies for the regulation of stay as well.

It is prohibited to bring into Qatar chewing tobacco in any form and under any name; electronic cigarettes or shishas or anything that looks like cigarettes or smoking equipment, and does not contain tobacco (e.g. candies or toys of such design); cigarette machines and promo material for advertising or promoting tobacco or tobacco products. Passengers in possession of such items or carrying them will suffer legal consequences.

 In accordance with the Decision of the State of Qatar, to the holders of national passports of the Republic of Serbia, travel visas will be issued at border crossings (visa in arrival) without fee.



No social security agreement has been concluded.



HEALTH SITUATION — Weather conditions are difficult, particularly in the period from May to October, when it is very hot.

Travellers should drink bottled water. For more detail, please consult the World Health Organization website

SECURITY SITUATION — Everyday life is normal and the security situation stable. Air traffic between Serbia and Qatar is managed seamlessly through Qatar Airways with three direct flights from Belgrade a week.

TRANSPORT — Doha has a modern Hamad International Airport. In the city, instead of the public transportation system, private vehicles or taxis as preferred transport services are used.

Driver’s licenses of the Republic of Serbia must be exchanged immediately upon arrival to Qatar since they are not permitted for driving a motor vehicle. Anyone with a residence permit may exchange their driver’s licence for the Qatar one.

OTHER INFORMATION — Travellers need to take care how they behave and what they wear. Women are obliged to cover their arms and the skirt length must be below the knee.
Alcoholic drinks are not available in stores, but are available in certain hotels.
The national currency is the Qatari riyal.


Contact information:

During your stay in Qatar, for consular assistance and protection you may contact the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Doha (Address: Zone 66, West Bay, Umm Al Seneem no. 5, Doha, Qatar, P.O. Box 22195, Qatar), at the following telephone number: 00 974 44 17 51 81 and e-mail: