Selaković: Good opportunity for encouraging cooperation between Serbia and Indonesia in all areas

23. May 2022.
Today in Jakarta, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Nikola Selaković met with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia Retno Marsudi. On that occasion, Minister Selaković pointed out that Indonesia was Serbia’s most important partner in Southeast Asia, adding that his visit was a demonstration of Serbia’s wish to support cooperation in all areas.

After the meeting, Minister Selaković informed the press that “the agreements that have been effected between the two countries in recent months and will be effected in the future speak of the desire not only to maintain traditionally good relations based on ties forged around the time of the founding of the Non-Aligned Movement, but also to focus on the future of our citizens and economies. In such a future, Serbia and Indonesia will continue to be friends and reliable partners".

Minister Selaković conveyed gratitude to his hosts for their traditional hospitality as well as the support that Indonesia had given to Serbia on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija. He expressed hope that this support would continue in the future.

Speaking of economic cooperation, Minister Selaković noted that there were numerous untapped opportunities and that one of the topics of that day’s discussions was the export of Serbian food products onto the Indonesian market.

Minister Selaković confirmed that Serbia wished and was ready to improve cooperation in many areas, such as agriculture, culture, education, sports, and defence. To that end, he invited his Indonesian colleague to pay an official visit to Serbia and continue the discussions on strengthening the relations between the two countries in all these areas.   

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi stated that Serbia was an important partner of Indonesia in Europe. This fact was supported by the agreement on political consultations, signed today.

According to Minister Marsudi, today’s talks covered many topics of common interest. Numerous areas where cooperation could be greatly improved in the upcoming period, such as trade in food products, were defined.

Minister Marsudi said it was stated that Serbia had a need for a large workforce from Indonesia for industries like construction. Indonesia, she added, wished to continue investing in Serbia, and it was agreed that business ties needed to be encouraged.

The head of Indonesian diplomacy concluded that one of the other topics of her discussion with Serbia’s Foreign Minister was the global situation. She echoed her country's commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and respect for the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty of states.