Selaković: Fierce attacks by Milo Đukanović are attempts to cover up his own political failures

11. Sep 2021.
The senseless and fierce attacks of the President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović on President Aleksandar Vučić are nothing but an attempt to cover up his own political failures using lies based on the last century rhetoric and some people from the past, and to show that he is allegedly being threatened, proclaiming and declaring himself as a savior.

The success of a president of a country is not measured by the flammability of phrases and talent for producing conflict in one's own society, but by the level of GDP, average salary and purchasing power of citizens, kilometers of highways and railways, number of new jobs created. When someone cannot be proud of his own, then he is bothered by someone else's success and tries to bring down the one who is successful using all means possible, including heinous lies.

A story so hollow that it whistles. To accuse Serbia of wanting Kosovo and Metohija without Albanians and Montenegro without Montenegrins is not only untrue and meaningless, but also speaks of the self-projection of someone who is able to say something like that, because all the time he pursues a policy that denies the right to existence for over 28% of his own citizens who feel and declare themselves as members of the Serbian people, denies them the right to use language and script, and national symbols.

The culmination of insolence is the comparison of Serbia with Nazi Germany, and President Vučić with Hitler, only because the President made it clear that Serbia is not and will not be a training ground and market for criminal drug cartels from Montenegro. It seems to hurt the most, regardless of how much someone declares himself a protector of identity, a victim of a policy which he was once a part of, so he seeks allies among all those who are bothered by an economically developing and prosperous Serbia, a Serbia that builds roads, hospitals and bridges, that opens factories and attracts the most investments in the region, that gives everyone a hand of partnership and cooperation, but also respects itself and its people.

The Republic of Serbia testifies to its attitude towards Montenegro as an independent state with its policy, respecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, while it cannot be said that Montenegro expresses the same attitude towards Serbia. The citizens of every state have the right to freely express their will and choose their leadership, as a democratic state, Serbia respects and will respect that, but it will always and at every opportunity raise its voice against the lies that someone is able to tell at its expense and at the expense of the President of Serbia, just so that he could lead his personal political struggles and cover up his failures.