Selaković: A series of manifestations on the occasion of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day

02. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, announced that 15 September, the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag Day, will be marked by a series of manifestations, and that the central one will be held on the Sava Square, next to the monument to Stefan Nemanja.

Selaković said on TV Happy that the address of President Aleksandar Vučić, Serbian member of the Presidency of B&H Milorad Dodik and Patriarch Porfirije is planned.

"The main goal of trying to establish this holiday is to motivate all our citizens, wherever they live, Serbs from all over, to display our tricolor on a house or a building on that day, a flag that is one of the symbols of Serbs wherever they live", said Selaković.

He stated that videos were prepared where celebrated Serbs from different areas of life call on our people to do so.

He emphasized that it is a day that should serve everyone with pride and a day when we should establish our tricolor as a symbol of our nation.

He reminded that Aleksandar Vučić, at the time when he became the head of the government with the President of the Republic of Srpska at the time, Milorad Dodik, launched an initiative to jointly mark dates that are important for the Serbian people, history and tradition.

Selaković said that the holiday was established at the session of the High Council for Cooperation between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska in Belgrade more than a year ago, and that a decision was made to jointly mark 15 September as the day when the Thessaloniki Front was broken through in 1918.

"A new page in our history began with that, with that incredible military superhuman endeavor of our soldiers, who from 15 September to 1 November, under full combat equipment, crossed the distance from the Nidze Mountain, across Dobro Polje and Kajmakcalan, to Belgrade", Selaković said.

He stated that we also mark those dates that are not happy and beautiful, such as the suffering of our people in the "Storm" and the Jasenovac camp, the beginning of NATO aggression, but that this time we begin to mark what is the glory, honor and pride of the entire Serbian nation.

He reminded that last year it was not possible to organize celebrations of holidays due to the pandemic, and that this year we are trying to organize the celebration in a dignified and magnificent way.

Selaković announced that before the central manifestation, gatherings would be organized at various points in Belgrade, with the participation of the Serbian Guard and its representative orchestra, and with, as he says, the largest shrine from that time, the 51 Serbian regimental flags, which are symbols of Serbian victory and glory, but also its Golgotha, the originals of which are kept in the Military Museum.

"Not only are we passing a law on the protection of the Cyrillic alphabet and the Serbian language in public use, but we are also harmonizing curricula between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, our history, geography, Serbian language and literature, and subjects from the area of culture", Selaković said.

Asked to comment on the fact that some schools in Novi Pazar refused to start the first day of the school year with the national anthem "God of Justice", because, as some believe, it offends the minorities, Selaković said that he had not heard such "nonsense" for a long time.

He pointed out that the anthem is a prayer to God for justice, a call for harmony and unity, and a reminder of the great struggle of our people to get out of the five centuries of Ottoman slavery.

He also reminded that the Serbian anthem was composed by a Slovenian.

"Would a foreigner compose something that is insulting", Selaković asked, adding that it was incomprehensible for him that the anthem bothered someone.

He stated that during the rule of Aleksandar Vučić, five million euros were invested in the elementary school "Bratstvo" in Novi Pazar and that it is one of the three or four best schools in Serbia, as well as that it has an indoor pool, and that 28 million euros are being invested for the new block and reconstruction of the General Hospital in Novi Pazar, along with other infrastructure projects and gasification.

He says that Vučić's Serbia helped to open the Consulate General of Turkey in Novi Pazar yesterday, and emphasizes that the state did all that so that our Bosniak friends and relatives could enjoy it too.

"It is the same anthem of the state under which our ancestors fought together on the Thessaloniki front in 1918. Serbia is a mother to all its citizens", Selaković said.