Dacic: Kurti is the main arsonist in the Balkans

16. Dec 2023.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic said today, at a press conference after a meeting with the head of diplomacy of Burkina Faso, that everything that happened in Pristina passed without any reaction from the international community and that this was a matter of double standards, commenting on the news about the joint military exercise of the so-called KSF and the Albanian army.

“It was reported in the news that joint military exercises are being held, as they say, of the two armies. The so-called, fake defence minister of Pristina said that those are two armies and one people. Just imagine the situation if Serbia held such exercises with the Republic of Srpska”, Dacic said.

Dacic added that there was no reaction from the international community, taking into account that Pristina may not have an army.

“This is not in accordance with Resolution 1244 and it only confirms that they are working to create one state, that is, "Greater Albania". That is why I want to warn Pristina not to use the situation related to the elections to further escalate the problems on the ground", Minister Dacic emphasized.

Minister Dacic noted that Serbia was firmly committed to continuing the dialogue, but that such provocations certainly represented a major hindrance.

“As I have said many times, the main problem, the main arsonist in the Balkans is Kurti, but he is helped by all those who tolerate him. They are complicit in all this, and in the end, they expect Serbia to pay the price. When the Albanian terrorists of the so-called KLA were attacking the Serbian army and police in the 1990s, what happened? Didn’t Holbrooke and the others then sit with them together and talk? There are pictures and all that. And now, the Serbs in the north of Kosovo are terrorists - is that so? You don't talk to them, you can't talk to them, they should be arrested, they should be banished!? These are the double standards of the international community and I can only express, once again, not only the disappointment, but also the deep resentment of Serbia because no one is reacting, while this is obviously about creating a Greater Albania in the region”, Dacic concluded.