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Form of government
Date of establishment of bilateral relations

Political relations

Political relations are traditionally close and friendly. The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) supported Zambia’s independence since the beginning of the nation’s struggle for liberation. The first Zambian jet pilots were trained in SFRY.


Economic relations

In 2020, the export of the Republic of Serbia to the Republic of Zambia amounted to 33,000 euros, while the import amounted to 68,000 euros.

In 2019, the value of export from the Republic of Serbia to Zambia amounted to 23,000 euros, and import from Zambia to 531,000 euros. The “Kafue Gorge” Hydroelectric Power Plant, constructed by the Energoprojekt company from late 1960s to 1977, is one of the most impressive infrastructure facilities in Zambia.


Bilateral agreements

Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Government of SFRY and the Government of the Republic of Zambia

Signature date: 7 February/1969

Agreement on Cultural, Educational and Scientific Cooperation between the Republic of Zambia and SFRY

Signature date: 5 April 1971


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Lusaka:

Embassy of Zambia in Paris, which is also a non-residential Embassy to Serbia:

Contact information of the competent department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Department for Africa and Middle East, phone: +381 11 306 8254, e-mail: