Selakovic: Serbia is committed to building a steady partnership with the United States

06. May 2022.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nikola Selakovic met today with Ambassador of the United States Christopher Hill.

The Minister said that Serbia was firmly committed to communicating as substantially as possible with the US administration and building a steady partnership with the United States.

Selakovic emphasized that our country was very interested in promoting economic cooperation with the United States, while also welcoming the presence of numerous American companies in Serbia.

The Minister said that preserving stability in the region and promoting good-neighborly and mutually beneficial cooperation was the foundation and unchanging starting point of our foreign policy, noting that US support to regional initiatives was of great importance.

Selakovic stated that in relations with all countries in the region, we strived to focus on the development of economic cooperation, especially highlighting the "Open Balkan" initiative as a successful example.

The recent visit by US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried, the situation in the region and the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina were also discussed at the meeting.