Tamara Vucic awarded by the "Diplomacy & Commerce" magazine

10. Apr 2024.
The spouse of the President of Serbia, Tamara Vucic, was presented with a special award from the "Diplomacy & Commerce" magazine for building bridges between peoples, having been nominated for this award by several foreign embassies in Belgrade and by a number of personages from the public life of Serbia.

In the explanation for the honour, it is emphasized that Tamara Vucic had actively worked on building bridges between peoples and spreading the spirit of tolerance and cooperation in recent years at a large number of international events that she attended in the country and abroad.

In her address, Tamara Vucic pointed out that this award meant a lot to her, primarily because it is an award for building bridges between peoples, which, as she stated, was the essence of her primary occupation, diplomacy.

"In my opinion, diplomacy and the goal of diplomacy is precisely to build bridges between nations, between people. And to provide that space for dialogue, for conversation, for negotiations, for agreements. And also, I consider myself a pacifist both by character and by conviction, so somehow that also contributes to diplomacy", she said.

She added that the award also meant a lot to her because she was nominated by, as she said, "wonderful, young, promising, educated and hard-working people from the south of Serbia".

She congratulated all winners of the "Diplomacy & Commerce" awards and said that these recognitions were first of all a great honour, but also a responsibility.

"Awards are there to tell us that we are doing something well and that someone noticed that. They are there to give us additional motivation, additional inspiration, wind at our backs, but also to remind us and warn us of the importance of responsibility for everything we do", she said.

She ended her statement with a quote from Serbian Nobel laureate Ivo Andric, who said that of everything that man erected and built in his urge for living, nothing was in his eyes better and more valuable than bridges.

Source/Photo: Tanjug