Oslo: Ambassador Petrović lays wreaths on the memorials of Serbs who died in labour camps in northern Norway

23. Jun 2022.
Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Norway Dragan Petrović visited the town of Mosjøen, where he laid wreaths on the memorials dedicated to Serbs and other people from former Yugoslavia who died in the labour camps Korgen and Osen in northern Norway under German occupation during World War Two.

In separate meetings with the municipal governments of the Vefsn and Hemnes municipalities, where the monuments are located, Ambassador Petrović thanked them for their consistent efforts to preserve the memory of the enormous losses among the builders of the Blood Road. He also thanked the management of the Norway - Western Balkans society for their great contribution to uncovering the numerous deathplaces and the names of hundreds of prisoners of war who had lost their lives in this area.