Đurić: After many years, Serbia is good news in the United States

24. Jul 2021.
Serbian Ambassador to the United States, Marko Đurić, stated today that after many years, Serbia is good news in America and that he is honored to represent a country whose system is recovering quickly.

"Every day we present facts about Serbia, meet with numerous representatives of the American administration and work on organizing their visits to Serbia", Đurić told Pink, adding that during his six-month stay in the United States, he met with more than 30 members of Congress and the Senate.

He said that many of the talks he is having are not pleasant, considering that the 1990s left a huge mark, but that he is proud that today Serbia presents itself as a country that is facing the future.

Đurić said that the leading American media spoke most positively about the vaccination process in Serbia and the fact that our country procured vaccines faster and easier and enabled its citizens to have more vaccines at their disposal.

Also, the ambassador said that the fact that Serbia is the country with the highest economic growth in Europe was very positively assessed, as well as the fact that our country has attracted 65% of all foreign direct investments in the region of Southeast Europe. According to him, the development of the IT sector and the fact that Serbia was the first in the region to introduce informatics in primary schools was exceptionally noticed and praised.

Đurić pointed out that this year marks five important anniversaries with the United States.

"This year marks 140 years of establishing diplomatic relations with the United States, 20 years of the USAID program in Serbia, 15 years of partnership between the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ohio National Guard, 100 years of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the American continent, and 5 years of Air Serbia flights to New York", Đurić pointed out.

Đurić also spoke about the intentions to open a trade representative office of Serbia in the United States, as well as that they are considering opening another consulate general.

Đurić underlined that State Department officials have not yet been appointed for this part of Europe, but that in the meantime, extraordinary relations are being maintained with people who are currently in the administration, and that they are being asked to continue helping Serbia achieve its goal, which is connecting the region.

"Serbia's goal is to form stronger connections in the region. We want to create a zone of free flow of people, goods and capital. So, we are working on opening and modernizing the region", concluded Đurić.