Aleksić: 77 passengers from Serbia to return home from Rome by bus

26. Jun 2022.
Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Italy Goran Aleksić said that 77 passengers from Serbia, who were supposed to be on the Wizz Air flight to Belgrade which had been cancelled the previous night, would depart for Serbia by bus today at 16:30.

In a statement given to Tanjug, Ambassador Aleksić stated that a group of passengers had decided to return on their own, buying tickets by their own and boarding a flight to Belgrade. He said that accommodation was provided for the passengers for tonight, the following day and the day after the following day, and that buses were provided for those who wanted to depart immediately.

Ambassador Aleksić emphasised that he and the Serbian consul would be at the Ciampino Airport and that they would offer to any of the passengers who had decided to look for tickets on their own, if they happen to be there, to return to Serbia by buses, which had been furnished from Rome. He stated that this arrangement had been provided in agreement with the Ciampino Airport and the Wizz Air company, and added that the airport had been very accommodating, providing an optimal solution for passengers, who can depart for Serbia this afternoon. The passengers would not bear any of the costs of the bus or the hotel, he added, the costs of the hotel would be borne by Wizz Air, while the buses had been provided due to the efforts of Italy.

The flight in question was Wizz Air 68327, which was meant to depart for Belgrade yesterday at 17:55, but which had been postponed three times. The passengers were placed in a hotel in Rome the previous night, according to Ambassador Aleksić. He added that the stated reason for cancelling the flight were technical problems with respect to a storm and a thunderstorm.

Source: Tanjug