Official name
Republic of Tunisia
Form of government
Date of establishment of bilateral relations

Political relations

Political relations are very good and friendly. They are characterised by regular contact between officials, and mutual support in international organisations.

Visits of officials of the two states are regularly being exchanged. The Mayor of Tunisia S. Abderrahim visited the Republic of Serbia in May 2019 and attended the opening of Tunisian Street in Belgrade. A visit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time K. Jhinaoui was conducted in December 2017. The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Telecommunications and Transport R. Ljajić, as a special envoy of the President of the Republic, attended the funeral of the Tunisian President BejiCaidEssebsi in July 2019. A return visit by the First Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Foreign Affairs I. Dačić to Tunisia was conducted in March 2019.


Economic relations

Economic relations between the two countries are mainly maintained through a balanced trade exchange. In 2021, Serbian exports were 21,135,000 euros, and imports were 22,173,000 euros.


Bilateral agreements

Agreement on trade and long-term economic cooperation between SFRY and the Republic of Tunisia, coming into force on 11 February 1966;

Agreement between the Government of SFRY and Government of the Republic of Tunisia on the elimination of visas, coming into force on 16 July 1965;

Agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Tunisia coming into force on 7 May 2016.


Contact information

Link to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Tunisia:

Contact of the Embassy of Tunisia in the Republic of Serbia: Vase Pelagića 19, Belgrade, tel. +381 11 3691961

Contact at the MFA: Department for Africa and the Middle East, tel. +381 11 3068254, e-mail: