Official name
Form of government
Constitutional monarchy
Date of establishment of bilateral relations

Political relations

Relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Tonga have potential for improvement in various areas.


Economic relations

There is potential for the development of economic cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Kingdom of Tonga.


Bilateral agreements

  • Convention of legal proceedings in civic and trade affairs (concluded between Yugoslavia and Great Britain and Northern Ireland in London on 27 February 1936)/Tonga, signed on 25 February 1974 (International Agreements). 


Contact information

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Canberra covers the Kingdom of Tonga on a non-residential basis:

The Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Tonga in New York covers the Republic of Serbia on an operational basis:

Contact at the MFA - Department for Asia, Australia and the Pacific (DAAP); tel. +381 11 306 8345;