Official name
Republic of Sierra Leone
Form of government
Date of establishment of bilateral relations

Political relations

On 4 May 2017, the Government of the Republic of Serbia established May 25 as the Day of Friendship with the Peoples of Africa.

 Bilateral relations are good, though underdeveloped. Potentials for establishing and improving cooperation exist, especially in the field of economics. Former FVP/MFA Ivica Dačić paid a bilateral visit to Sierra Leone on 2 March 2020, at the invitation of the MFA of Sierra Leone, after which a video meeting of the two MFAs was held on 14 August 2020. Former FVP/MFA Ivica Dačić met with the previous MFA at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Venezuela in September 2016 and the Francophonie Summit in November 2017. The former MFA of the Republic of Serbia Ivan Mrkić met with Deputy Foreign Minister of Sierra Leone on the margins of the MC Community of Democracies in Ulan Bator in May 2013. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra Leone was at the MC Non-Aligned Movement in September 2011 in Belgrade (she had a conversation with the State Secretary of the MFA, and had a meeting with the MFA of the Republic of Serbia).


Economic relations

In 2020, our exports amounted to 165,000 euros, while imports amounted to 106,000 euros. In 2019, the volume of foreign trade of the two countries amounted to 558,000 euros, with our exports amounting to 102,000 euros and imports amounting to 456,000 euros.


Bilateral agreements

Trade Agreement, date of signing: 5 June 1969

MoU on Political Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Sierra Leone, date of signing and entering into force: 2 March 2020


Contact information

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Abuja covering Gambia on non-residential basis:

The embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone which covers the Republic of Serbia on a non-residential basis is situated in Moscow, RF.

Contact at the MFA: Department for Africa and the Middle East, tel. +381 11 306-8254, e-mail: