Minister Dacic: We welcome Montenegro's decision to open its border with Serbia
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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic welcomed today the decision of Montenegro to open its border with Serbia.
Speaking for TV Prva, Minister Dacic said that we should not let the borders between the two countries remain closed, taking into account their extraordinary relations through the centuries.

"What happened with Montenegro is that we were surprised that they even denied us entry into their country in the first place. Other countries were facing a similar situation but did not resort to such decisions, like Croatia for example where entry is allowed with a negative PCR test", Minister Dacic said.

However, he said the he would not advise the citizens to leave Serbia, due to the current epidemiological situation, given that, as he said, the safest option was to spend these months at home.

"Serbia is one of the rare countries, one of just a few, which allow entry to foreign citizens. We opened our borders and allowed free entry to foreign citizens. Such a decision was made as no related potential problems were identified, and it turned out that foreign persons have not been entering the country in large numbers", Minister Dacic said.

As he said, Serbia was not interested in the character of the measures of some faraway countries, but did have an interest as to the measures being imposed in the region by countries such as Romania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

"We have had a solid relationship with Hungary, they liberalized entry requirements for our citizens, but we did face many problems with others. Sometimes you are compelled to apply reciprocity measures", Minister Dacic said.

Discussing the announcement of a meeting between the representatives of Belgrade and Pristina in Washington, D.C., to be organized by U.S. Special Presidential Envoy Richard Grenell, the Serbian Foreign Minister said that the main topic there would be economy.

Minister Dacic said that he was informed by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic some ten days ago about a willingness existing on the part of Grenell and the United States to continue their participation and to take steps concerning the economy issues in the first place and economy-related agreements.

"This is a matter of locking horns over the matter of who will host the meeting, and some have even experienced pressures not to participate. Serbia will accept pressures from no-one, even though some are irritated by our decision to take part", Minister Dacic said and added that Serbia would continue to pursue a constructive approach.