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Thursday, 20 August 2020. PDF Print E-mail
For the sake of preserving our churches and monasteries it is very important that Kosovo does not join international organizations like UNESCO
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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic stated today that the meeting between the representatives of Belgrade and Pristina scheduled for 2 September in the White House will address economy although he could not exclude the possibility that some political issues be raised as well. That is good, because a compromise has never before been discussed in Washington D.C. since the Americans considered that the issue of the so-called Kosovo had already been resolved.

Serbian Foreign Minister said that many European countries have been less than enthusiastic about the role of the United States in the process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina. Some European countries do not wish to help pre-election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump, Dacic said, noting that half a million of Serb voters in the United States can make a big difference in U.S. elections.

He added that President Trump would score extra points if an agreement on the Kosovo issue were to be reached, only if the solution would be acceptable to the Serbs. He will not win the Albanian votes since they are voting for Biden, Dacic said. Addressing the effects on the unrecognition campaign of the independence of Kosovo, Dacic said that he and Vucic could guarantee that the so-called Kosovo cannot join international organizations such as UNESCO and others which was very important in terms of preservation of our churches and monasteries in Kosovo. He said that the so-called Kosovo cannot win more than 91 votes in the UN.

Speaking as a guest on TV Studio B Minister Dacic said that we are facing serious talks on the future of Serbia and that Belgrade will be asked to decide whether it will be on the side of Moscow and China. European Union is of the view that Belgrade should accept all positions taken by Brussels. If we are to do that, we will probably get negative reactions from other states, Dacic said, assessing that Serbia was no longer weak since it has improved its political standing on the international scene.

Minister Dacic today said that Azerbaijan and Armenia were friends of Serbia and that Belgrade will not allow that the weapons it exports be used against friends. We respect both Azerbaijan and Armenia. Both countries are our friends which implies fair relationship and equal treatment, Dacic said, emphasizing that Belgrade respected Azerbaijan's territorial integrity.

Speaking on TV Studio B, Minister Dacic said that the value of arms exports from Serbia to Azerbaijan was ten times higher than that to Armenia