Minister Dacic for RTS: EU is on vacation, entry requirements may be revised in late August
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First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic said in a statement for RTS public broadcasting service said that rumors on the EU possible change of border crossing rules were not realistic, but rather a wishful thinking on our part. As for expectations in connection with a meeting between the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina set for 2 September in Washington, D.C., Minister Dacic was of the view that no unpleasant surprises are to be expected and that Serbia would accept to be manipulated.

In his appearance on the RTS morning show, Minister Dacic assessed that the requirements for the crossing of borders and decisions made by countries in this regard are not just related to diplomacy but regrettably boil down to diplomacy itself.

Asked to what extent medicine and politics affect entry rules enforced by certain countries Minister Dacic said that both played a role in this.

"Of course, the epidemiological situation should be key criterion. However, there are other examples, for instance what was happening with Montenegro was affected by politics to a large degree, because Montenegro could have made the same decision earlier", stressed Dacic.

On the other hand, Dacic pointed out that some countries like the United States have never enforced any restrictions.

The new rules introduced are arbitrary rather than systematic and based on ill-defined criteria.

As for the European Union rules, Minister Dacic said the EU was on vacation at the moment and that no meetings would be held until the end of this period.

"That would be sometime in late August. Therefore, any assumption on the change of EU decisions right now are unrealistic and are the product of wishful thinking on our part ", Minister Dacic stressed.

He said that the EU administration would be back in office next week so that a newly-revised list of countries could be expected in late August.

In connection with Serbia's adoption of new measures for citizens from our region, Minister said that this was a recommendation of the Covid-19 Task Force, but that the matter of reciprocity was nevertheless taken into account.

"Montenegro was taken off the negative list in response to their decision", Minister Dacic noted.

Commenting on the coronavirus vaccine, Minister Dacic said that this was a medical issue and the vaccine first has to be proven to be effective and safe.

"Once this issue is taken off the list, the next thing is to make sure that our country is on the list of countries eligible to obtain the vaccine as soon as possible", Minister Dacic underlined.

The Minister also addressed the expectations regarding a meeting between the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina in Washington, D.C. scheduled for 2 September.

He stressed that no unpleasant surprises are expected. "We shall not be manipulated. President Vucic said that in all communications with Mr. Grenell it was implied that the talks would focus on economy and that the key topics would be economy-related. President Vucic said that someone potentially trying to sneak in proposals of some agreements through the back door was unacceptable", Minister Dacic said.

Asked to comment the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun's claim that the EU Special Representative for the dialogue Miroslav Lajcak would in Brussels "throw on the table" a proposal implying some kind of an agreement, Minister Dacic said that is was still too early to discuss something like that.

"If you are to be given an ultimatum, there should be one party to give it. If we are talking five ultimatums they should agree among themselves who is going to deliver it. If you ask me, if they are smart they should not do it knowing that we shall never accept it", Minister Dacic said.