Moscow: Tourist guide "My Tasty Serbia" presented at the Embassy
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altPresentation of a tourist guide by Jelena Zielinski and Tatyana Rybakova "My Tasty Serbia" was held on November 20 at the Embassy of Serbia in Moscow. The guide describes the gastronomic culture of various Serbian religious cuisines, rural and urban culinary traditions.

The presentation was led by Minister-Counselor of the Embassy Slavoljub Caric, author Jelena Zielinski and editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Веће" Sergey Dmitriyev. Serbian students, members of the diplomatic corps, Russian students and representatives of cultural and public life were present. Among the guests of the Embassy was Alexander Chepurin, former Ambassador of Russia to Serbia. The presentation was followed by a short musical performance by Serbian actor and singer Mark Dolas.


The performances of the participants of the presentation highlighted the importance of this tourist guide, which was written with attention to the cultural history of Serbia, its gastronomy, customs and traditions. It is estimated that this book, which is part of the Balkan Traveler edition, not only contains recipes of the most famous Serbian specialties, but also describes the traditional hospitality of Serbian hosts, culinary traditions, as well as anecdotes that the authors experienced while traveling around Serbia.


Jelena Zielinski talked about her culinary travels around Serbia, impressions about the places she visited, conversations about Serbian products with producers and cooks. She also spoke about the best Serbian cafes and unique ethno-villages, where she was introduced not only to the way of preparing traditional dishes, but also to the history of Serbian national cuisine.
The guide is the second book of these two Russian journalists - the first guide, "My Beautiful Serbia," sparked unexpected popularity, according to Zielinski, after President Aleksandar Vucic gave this book as a gift to President Putin during his visit to Moscow last year, which then appeared as a second edition.

On this occasion, a cocktail reception was held at the Embassy.