Assistant Foreign Minister in charge of consular affairs meets honorary consul in the French Republic
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jovanovic manzar_270620181On 26 June 2018, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for consular affairs Ambassador Aca Jovanovic met with Mr. Philippe Mangeard, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in the French Republic, seated in Nice.

Honorary Consul Mangeard is Head of an international development division at the GFI's (Industrial Federations Group) Standing Consultative Industrial Committee. He is currently on a visit to Serbia as part of MEDEF International's delegation of French company executives.

In the talks, the interlocutors emphasized their shared commitment to work to promote economic cooperation between Serbia and France, creating an environment conducive to an enhanced exchange and contacts between the two countries' business sectors, but also to an all-round improvement of the quality of consular protection.

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