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“Miroslav Bata Marcetic” Academy of Serbian Folk Dances on a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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konzularna vest_10072017_5The Museum of Serbian Diplomacy was visited by a group of children and youth from Serbian diaspora living in Canada, who are members of the Academy of Serbian Folk Dances, led by Mr. Miroslav Bata Marcetic, art director and choreographer.

In its decades-long work with children and youth, the Academy has preserved the identity of the Serbian language, culture and religion, through workshops, folk dances and authentic songs.

Assistant Minister, Ambassador Aca Jovanovic welcomed the sixty-three member group of children and youth, aged between 5 and 22, and their parents. Wishing them welcome, Ambassador Jovanovic pointed out that Serbia was proud of the contribution made and everything achieved by the Academy of Serbian Folk Dances from Toronto all across North America and the world. The Ambassador also pointed out that Serbia was grateful both to the Academy and to the dancers and their parents for the fact that they had not forgotten the Serbian language, for proudly preserving their roots, and for doing regular tours in Serbia and neighbouring countries. Mr. Miroslav Bata Marcetic was presented on the occasion with a monograph of the Serbian Diplomacy Museum, as a token of appreciation for his persistence in the noble mission of preserving the Serbian language, tradition and culture among youth, and for his commitment to strengthening the ties existing between the diaspora and the homeland.

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