Consular Service Day
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dan konzularne_sluzbe_6620171On the occasion of the Consular Service Day, 2nd of June, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized a cocktail reception attended by MFA officials and staff, including representatives from other government authorities and institutions with which the MFA cooperates in the performance of consular duties and functions and in providing services of assistance and protection of the rights and interests of citizens of the Republic of Serbia in foreign countries.

On that occasion, those present were welcomed by Ambassador Aca Jovanovic, Acting Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs, who in his speech thanked for the engagement of those working in the Consular Affairs Sector as well as representatives of other government authorities, without whose assistance and cooperation, work on complex consular tasks and duties would not have been possible.

Consular Service Day, 2nd of June, is being observed to honour the powers vested in 1804 by Karadjordje Petrovic in eminent Serbs to raise funds abroad for the needs of Serbian insurgents. In this way, consular relations were established between the insurgent Serbia and other states.

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