Information concerning outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe (Harare)
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A state of emergency has been declared and all public gatherings have been banned following the outbreak of cholera epidemic in Harare and due to the worsening health situation in the four regions around the capital, brought about by the spread of the infectious disease. By 25 September 2018, 6,428 cholera cases were registered with the death toll reaching 45. Poor water and sewerage systems are blamed for the spread of cholera.

According to the blood sample analyses done by the World Health Organizations (WHO), it has been established that Vibrio cholera serotype O1 Ogawa bacterium strain is responsible for the disease.

Serbian citizens planning to travel to Zimbabwe are advised to be closely informed about the current epidemiological situation at the WHO website (, and to keep abreast of the current information at the website of the Institute for Public Health "Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut":

Personal hygiene, handwashing, washing fruit and vegetables prior to use, use of the proven and bacteriologically safe drinking water are all the advised precautionary measures.