Cultural Events organized by the Serbian national minority in Croatia, June 2013
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plakatIn June of this year, the following events of local and international importance were held in the two border counties in places inhabited by the Serbian national minority:

- The (Serbian) Borovo municipality, 12 June, - an exhibition of photographs "Cyrillic script in Vukovar, from 19th century to the present day", organized by the Joint Council of Municipalities;

- Vera, Municipality of Trpinja, 16 June, - 7th Folk Festival with the participation, apart from the host Cultural Artistic Society (CAS) "Ljubomir Ratic-Bato", of the Serbian CASs from Knezevi Vinogradi and Jagodnjak;

-Pacetin, Municipality of Trpinja, 7-9 June and 14-16 June, MESDAM – Interstate meetings of drama amateurs, where, beside the local amateur theatre, theatres from the Republic of Serbia participated, each with one play: "Stevan Sremac" from Crvenka, CAS "Brile" from Beocin, CAS J.J.Zmaj from Irig, Amateur Theatre of the Cultural Centre of Prijepolje and Amateur Theatre "Branislav Nušić" from Sid;

- Vukovar, 21 June, organized by CAS "Sloga" - "Bridges of Friendship" with the participation of CAS "Ravangrad" from Sombor and Women's Singing Group "Tramosnjanke" of CAS "Mladost" from Bac;

- Borovo, 22 June, CASs from Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (CAS "Mladost" from Krepoljin, Zagubica, and Trumpeters from Sid), in addition to the organizer and host CAS "B. Nusic", took part in the14th International Folk Festival;

- Bobota, Municipality of Trpinja, 21-23 June – 32nd International St. Vitus Day Festivities with a number of events (poetry evening, amateur kid's performances, art colony, fire fighter drills, crafts colony) gathered together the following participants: CASs from Serbia, "Lijesce" from Lijesce, Leskovac, "B. Stankovic" from Karavukovo, "M. Oreskovic" from Backi Gracac, "S. Markovic" from Obrovac and "M. Stojanovic" from Mladenovo.

- Darda, 23 June, - 7th International Folklore Festival organized by the Sub-Committee of "Prosveta" of Darda and local CAS "B.Radicevic." Amateur (Serbian) CAS "Mladost" from Timisoara, Romania, took part with a particularly good quality performance, and CASs of other national minorities living in both counties. This year, a CAS from Tavankut was unable to perform at the festival.

- Trpinja, 29 June, a folk program "Djeram – children, guardians of tradition" which attracted children's CASs from Serbia such as "Djura Jaksic" – Srpska Crnja, "Branko Radicevic" - Sirig, CAS "Zarkovac" - Zarkovac, Ruma and "Stevan Petkovic" - Stejanovac, Ruma, apart from the organizers of the local CAS "Mladost".

- Brsadin, Municipality of Trpinja, 30 June, - the local CAS "Vaso Djurdjevic" held a summer concert of traditional music, with no participants from other places or from Serbia.

Wherever possible, these events were attended by the Consul General or a Consul.
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