Press Statement concerning incidents in Croatia
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Sorry, you have not enough rights to view this image.Charge d' affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Zagreb Bosa Prodanovic lodged a strong protest to Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia Zeljko Kupresak regarding the ever more frequent incidents targeting the Republic of Serbia and Serbs in Croatia.

The Croatian side was told that the latest attacks against the Consulate General in Rijeka, posting in Zagreb of anti-Serb posters "Serb family tree" portraying hanged Serbs, scribbling of graffiti on Serb houses calling on Serbs to leave Croatia, and the overall anti-Serb campaign regarding the placing of bilingual signs in Vukovar, are all unacceptable and give rise to concern.

The above-mentioned incidents and the express hate speech towards the Serb community in Croatia are, unfortunately, the most evident proof of the difficult conditions in which Serbs live in Croatia. What causes particular concern is the frequency of incidents and the fact that none of the official organs of Croatia have yet publicly condemned such actions.

Serbia wishes to develop good relations with Croatia, and expects it, as a neighbouring country and EU member, to prevent any further escalation of the anti-Serb campaign and to provide the Serbs living there with all the rights to which they are entitled, according to European standards and the Croatian legislation.
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