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Dacic: Highly successful visits to the countries of South and Central America
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2903 daccich1"I have finished a highly successful visit during which I took part in two multilateral meetings – the UN Conference on South-South Cooperation in Argentina and the Conference of the Association of Caribbean States in Nicaragua.

I took this opportunity to talk about our state interests, issues and about how we could ensure maximum support.

I talked to 21 minister of foreign affairs, various presidents, prime ministers and I signed a few bilateral agreements.

I visited Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

As we, the politicians, would say, these are all sure votes. These are our friends with whom we have to continue to develop our relations, and all of them will pay a return visits to Serbia.

I am very happy with the outcomes of this tour. It is extremely important because, as you know, Kosovo once again submitted an application to join Interpol. Its membership bid will be discussed at the Interpol Conference in Chile by the end of this year and that is why we need these votes.

I also talked to representatives of many countries which recognized Kosovo, asking them to reconsider their decisions, but we will talk more about it when the time comes", said the Serbian Foreign Minister upon completing his visits to the countries of South and Central America.