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Budapest: Cooperation between Serbian and Hungarian entrepreneurs
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srp madj_forum_15092017_1On the premises of the Serbian Embassy in Budapest, a Serbian-Hungarian Business/Tourism Forum was held on 15 September. It was co-organized by the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian-Serbian Business Council, while the Serbian Embassy provided logistical support. The forum, attended by over one hundred Serbian and Hungarian entrepreneurs, had the aim to present the potentials of Vojvodina in the economy and tourism as well as to intensify economic cooperation with our Hungarian neighbours.

Business to Business (B2B) meetings were held, with the interest of Hungarian businessmen being primarily focused on cooperation in the fields of agriculture and food industry, construction, energy and IT sectors, as well as catering and yachting, metals, hotel and banking industries. Some examples of Vojvodina's cuisine were presented, while sampling of wines from wineries across AP Vojvodina and Hungary also took place along with an exhibition of a selection of products by Toza Markovic construction material industrial complex from Kikinda.

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It should be recalled that economic and tourism potentials of Serbia were presented in Budapest on 7 September during the "Serbia Days – Visit Serbia" event as well as in Szeged on the business/tourism forum convened on 1 September.
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