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Budapest: Serbian Ambassador delivers a lecture at Corvinus University
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Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Budapest Rade Drobac delivered a lecture at Corvinus University in Budapest, on 28 March, the topic of the lecture being the "European Integration of the Republic of Serbia". The lecture was also attended by the Vice Chancellor for International Relations and a large number of students of the said University.

In his lecture, Ambassador Drobac highlighted Serbia's membership of the European Union as Serbia's strategic foreign policy goal, recalling that Serbia applied for EU membership in December 2009 and that since 2014 to date, it had opened eight negotiating chapters. The aim was to transpose EU standards into Serbian society in the shortest possible time span, in order to create conditions for a better life of our citizens, and subsequently for Serbia's entry into the Union, the Ambassador emphasized.

Moreover, he underlined that we had so far made significant progress on economic and other social aspects, while when it comes to Serbia's accession negotiations, the implementation of what has been agreed in the dialogue with Pristina was one of the major issues. After the 1999 NATO airstrikes, contrary to international law, more than 200 000 Serbs left Kosovo and Metohija, Ambassador Drobac stressed. The Serbian Ambassador also assessed that in today's negotiations with Pristina, it is only Belgrade that was exposed to pressure, and only we were expected to implement everything agreed in Brussels, unlike the other side, which took unilateral actions. The Ambassador illustrated this by citing the attempt at transforming the KSF into the "Kosovo Army", the fact that the Tribunal tasked with prosecuting crimes committed by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army was yet to be established, Pristina's attempts to avoid forming the Community of Serbian Municipalities, seizure of Serbian property in Kosovo and Metohija, unilateral decisions of Pristina authorities, etc.

The Ambassador underscored that Serbia attached huge importance to regional cooperation, especially when it comes to security and stability, pointing to the fact that the relationship between Serbia and Hungary demonstrates a good example of positive bilateral relations in the region, which, at this point, reached its historical maximum.

After the lecture, Ambassador Drobac took numerous questions from attending Corvinus University students. The Vice Chancellor for International Relations expressed his wish for the University of Belgrade and Corvinus University to establish cooperation.
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