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Santa Cruz: Exhibition “Itinerarium Romanum Serbiae”
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foto santa_kruzIn Santa Cruz, the commercial hub of Bolivia, an exhibition "Itinerarium Romanum Serbiae" was formally inaugurated at the Plurinational Cultural Centre. At the opening of this distinguished selection, the attendants were addressed by Director of Cultural Centre Xiomara Zambrana, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Brazil Veljko Lazic and representatives of "Viminacium" Archaeological Park.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of local institutions, members of the consular corps, as well as numerous personages from cultural, artistic and academic spheres. The exhibition received great attention in the Bolivian media, and numerous guests had the opportunity to get acquainted with the importance of the "Viminacium" archaeological site, located in Serbia, as well as to note that 18 Roman emperors had been born in the territory of today's Serbia.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in La Paz Zana Petkovic Rodriguez significantly contributed to the successful realization of the exhibition opening and its promotion in the media.
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