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Ministers Dacic and Szijjarto inaugurated the former border crossing point at Horgos
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horgos -_prelazMinisters of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and of Hungary, Ivica Dacic and Peter Szijjarto, cut the ribbon today and opened the former border crossing point between the two states at Horgos.

The Head of Serbian Diplomacy said that the opening of the border crossing point exemplified the good cooperation existing between the two countries, regardless of the problem of migrants they were confronted with, and regardless of building up fences, which Serbia did not view favourably but understood this action.

The Head of Serbian diplomacy recalled that in 2008 one hundred applications for asylum were filed in Serbia, whereas today, in the course of this year alone, approximately 60 000 such applications had been filed, which he estimated as a big difference.

“The opening of this crossing point is a rare occasion showing that we are developing our relations which are at their highest level in decades”, said Dacic adding that this was done thanks to the efforts of the two countries in solving the problems of the past and turning to the future.

Dacic emphasized that the two states were working on the realization of strategically important projects in the field of economy, as well as on the implementation of strategic projects of regional and European interest. Among those projects he included the revitalization of the Belgrade-Budapest railway. He emphasized that both countries were faced with potential energy problem, pointing out that both of them could be left without gas supply if conflicts between Russia and Ukraine persisted, and Serbia and Hungary failed to secure an alternative supply route.

Dacic wished for Serbia and Hungary to find themselves soon in a situation where they would no longer need fences, border crossings or border police, assessing that the road to Brussels was via regional cooperation.
“We are opening this crossing point, wishing it to close as soon as possible”, said Dacic.

His Hungarian counterpart Szijjarto agreed with the assessment that the relations between the two countries had never been at a higher level, adding that Serbia and Hungary were strong partners fostering friendly relations.

“Hungary and Serbia are interested in each other’s success. The more successful Serbia is, the more chances Hungary will have to succeed and vice versa”, estimated Szijjarto.

He added that the opening of the crossing point would solve the problem of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the border, as well as reduce pressure on Horgos-Reske large crossing point during seasonal heavy traffic hold-ups.
“In short, we open another gate between Hungary and Serbia for persons who legally cross the border. The opening of this crossing point shows that Hungary and Serbia are expanding the opportunities for persons legally crossing the border. At the same time, we are putting a stop to illegal border crossings”, he added.

Both Ministers underlined the importance of the Hungarian national community in Serbia and the development of their mutual relations.

The former BCP at Horgos will be operational as of 3:00 p.m.
The opening of this crossing point will reduce pressure on other BCPs with Hungary at the time of arrival of big holiday crowds.

The opening of the crossing is envisaged by the 2012 agreement between the two states, on the basis of which the Backi Vinogradi – Assothalom crossing was opened a few years ago.