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“Preconditions for strengthening good-neighbourly relations”
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Ivan MrkicSerbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic comments on the likelihood of both Serbia and Croatia dropping their cases before the ICJ. 

"Who could imagine maintaining and strengthening good-neighbourly relations while having endless disputes and filing of charges for something which is the worst crime like genocide", said Serbian Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkic for "Danas" speaking of the need for having Serbia and Croatia withdraw their charges and counter-charges for genocide.

"We believe that Croatian and Serbian leaders would really and truly like to see the past as an area of studies to be researched by experts and historians, and have the two Governments, instead, focus on the present and the future."

"It is not a matter of avoiding anything that has been going on in the history of Serbo-Croatian relations. Unfortunately, these relations have been plenty of extremes which I don't even want to mention. Croatia has been successful in joining the Brussels club and Serbia has also got a kind of entry ticket. If we wish to join the same club, we must all unequivocally accept and have faith in the rules and codes of conduct that apply in that club. Doesn't it speak eloquently of how futile it is to write volumes of charges and counter-charges against each other? What implications would it have for our descendents? Luckily, there are already many of those who have not experienced the horrors of all the past wars, Mrkic believes.