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Photo exhibition and concert at the Cultural Centre of the Copenhagen Embassy
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kulturni centar kopenhagenThe photographic exhibition of three premier artists, Hasse Ferold (Copenhagen Post journalist), Amir Or (Israeli poet, essayist and prose writer) and Tihomir Barbulović (journalist and writer) was opened in the lobby of the Cultural Centre at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Copenhagen. The exhibition was so structured as to reflect the most interesting segments of the four-year activities of the Embassy's Cultural Centre, along with an extensive number of artistic photographs that were compiled by these artists around the world.

Over one hundred guests attended the opening ceremony and the reception held after the official program, including more than 20 ambassadors (Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Luxembourg, Japan, Benin, Armenia, Iraq, Nepal, Belgium, Portugal, South Korea, Estonia, Georgia and Ghana). Guests included other members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the media, cultural institutions and representatives of the Serbian diaspora. Special guest of the evening was the Iraqi Ambassador Mr. Albert Isa (diplomat and composer by education), who performed several songs on the lute, imbued with the rhythm of the Orient, on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Iraq and the Republic of Serbia. Last night's program was of grand character and at a high artistic level, and the exhibition and the concert practically marked the end of the season. During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, guests were addressed by artists, and Israeli poet Amir Or recited the verses from his poems, translated by Ambassador Ognjenović. The exhibition was officially declared open by the first secretary N. Maricic, who led all programs of the Cultural Centre in the past.

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