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"Milankovic cycles"
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milutin-milankovic1The 134th anniversary of the famous scientist Milutin Milankovic's birth (1879-1958) was observed at his birthplace in Dalj (Serbian Municipality of Erdut, Osijek - Baranja County) on 29-30 June, by the event "Milankovic cycles" through the following activities:

- Lecture on Nikola Tesla - held by Bratislav Stojiljkovic, senior curator of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.
- Nikola Mesinger (born in Osijek), academician of SANU and member of the World Meteorological Organization, spoke about the current climate change as a participant in the creation of a model of ice ages based on Milankovic's works.
- Zoran Knezevic, Director of the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade, presented the 9th and last book of selected works by M. Milankovic "Mathematical theory of thermal phenomena caused by solar radiation," which was recently translated from French (where it was first printed after WWI).
- Aleksandar Petrovic, Professor of Anthropology at Belgrade University and the University of Kragujevac, presented and explained the paper on the newly established model of ice ages.

Activities related to the anniversary ended by the concert of a pianist Vera Milankovic, from the Faculty of Music Art (FMU) in Belgrade, and a recital of opera singers Ileana Milic and Nenad Nenic.
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