Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia to send a protest note to Croatia concerning the decision of the Vukovar City Council
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msp zgradaThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia will send today a diplomatic note to the Republic of Croatia protesting in the strongest of terms over today’s decision by the Vukovar City Council to modify the city Statute without envisaging bilingual signs for city institutions, squares and streets of Vukovar, and requiring a special application and charging fees for any communication in the Cyrillic script.

The amendments made are in violation of the fundamental human rights and minority rights of Serbs by directly depriving them of their right to equal use of minority language and script.

The Republic of Serbia warns the Republic of Croatia of its obligation to honour its assumed international commitments, requesting an urgent response by the Croatian state authorities to this decision passed by the Vukovar authorities, whose highest representatives became known to the public at large for singing Ustashi songs from the time of the fascist independent state of Croatia, in the year when the entire world is commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism.

The protest note will be delivered to the Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Croatia in Belgrade, Ivan Sabolic.